This woman wants you to know all bodies are valuable

A woman has stripped down to her underwear in the middle of a busy street to remind us that "all bodies are valuable".

Amy Pence-Brown, from Boise, Idaho, shed her clothes, tied a blindfold across her eyes and invited members of the general public to pick up a marker and draw a heart on her flesh in the name of "radical self-acceptance".

The mother-of-two, told CNN she wanted strangers to share in her experience of self-love.

"I feel extremely confident and comfortable in myself, which was the point of the experiment."

"I could stand out here with all my imperfections and I could stand for you and you can see yourself in my body," she explained.

I was afraid that people would yell things, that maybe the police would come… It was a relief when that didn't happen.

I went into that day at the market thinking that if I touched five people’s lives… if five people drew a heart on me and got to thinking about their bodies and what they could do and how good they were then I would have achieved something.

All bodies are valuable.

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