To roll over, or to roll under, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind... OK. That's enough. You get the picture.

But seriously, perhaps one of life's most prevalent questions is which way should you hang your toilet roll on its holder? Should it be over, or under?

Now, one woman's Tinder profile has re-ignited the age old debate.

Hanna Michels, a 30-year-old journalist, writer and stand up comedian took to Twitter to post a picture of her Tinder profile, accompanied by a caption:

This is my tinder profile. I’ve had it for a year. 23 men have contacted me to say I’m incorrect about toilet paper.

In the picture, taken in what we can only assume is her bathroom, there is a toilet roll in the background, with the top sheet turned under.

She also clarified that her profile is also open to women, and, surprise surprise, it's only men that have made the comments:

But, Michels' original tweet was enough. Pandora's box had already been opened.

Many were quick to point to historical citations in order to side with the critical men:

Others pointed out just how offended they were by the hanging situation:

While there are also some complete mavericks out there, too:

And some chimed in with the dreaded empty roll... not the empty roll...

Just hang it the other way!

You're wrong! Totally wrong!

There is a sense that some passive aggression has also seeped in.

Even Michels' room-mate decided that yes, she was probably completely wrong.

While some were simply too shocked to even make a call.

And, among a sea of haters, a couple of bright sparks piped up for #TeamUnder

We agree, Hana. Hang your loo roll however you please. Keep doing you!

What do you think? Is Hana right or wrong?

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