A '13-year-old girl' is now the leader of a QAnon cult

A '13-year-old girl' is now the leader of a QAnon cult
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A QAnon cult who believes John F. Kennedy and his son JFK Jr. are still alive now has a 13-year-old girl as its leader after the former leader, Michael Protzman, died in June.

The girl, known to her followers as “Tiny Teflon,” appears to have been groomed by Protzman to become his protege, acquired her name from the Telegram channel she uses to communicate with followers.

The real identity of the child is unknown, but she has created her own channel, conducted live streams with followers, and announced her plan to indoctrinate more children, such as herself, into the cult. She explained to her followers that she plans on doing this through gematria, a form of Jewish numerology.

“I definitely think I’m gonna have more kids involved in this,” Tiny said during a live chat on her channel on August 6, as per Vice.

“Maybe they could share more code, because I don’t want to be talking the entire time when I do this show in the future. So I’ll definitely think of having kids share codes and teach what they know too.”

The use of gematria in Tiny Teflon’s plan is unsurprising when you realise that Protzman used it to convince followers that he could see into the future and communicate with all. He claimed that he had communicated with Donald Trump to JFK Jr. He had previously convinced his followers in November 2021 that JFK and JFK Jr. were going to reappear in Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.

Roughly a thousand people showed up for the supposed reappearance, only to be left disappointed.

Despite Protzman’s prediction failing to materialise, his followers continued to cut family ties and empty their bank accounts for him, and follow him around the country for 18 months.

Whilst he continued to claim that JFK Jr. was alive he continually changed his predictions. At one point he claimed Trump was JFK Jr. in disguise. Just before his death he changed his story, this time saying he was in fact the reincarnated JFK Jr.

Tiny Teflon was introduced to the cult in March 2022 when Protzman featured her on a live chat in his Telegram channels. The pair used gematria to consolidate that predictions Protzman and QAnon had made would eventually come true.

After Protzman’s death she took on a larger role in the group, appearing at Trump rallies and posting her “decodes” to Telegram channels. In a new channel created by her the description reads “Tiny Teflon’s Decodes, Research and Much More!” In all caps it adds: “CHANNEL MONITORED BY ADULT.”

Whilst it doesn’t specify who this adult is, it is likely her mother, a devoted follower who goes by the name “Teflon Don.”

Speaking about how she was going to recruit more children into the cult, Tiny Teflon said “I definitely want to help out with kids and teaching gematria, it’d be so much fun.” Adding that she wants to create a gematria beginners’ guide for children.

Many listeners seemed delighted with her plans and ideas.

“I think you inspire many, many adults and children. So thank you so much. We appreciate you. Love you so much,” said one.

Another added, “It was a pleasure listening to you and I hope my little girl can start listening to you and go from there.”

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