Why does QAnon think JFK Jr will come back from the dead and endorse Trump?

Why does QAnon think JFK Jr will come back from the dead and endorse Trump?

QAnon conspiracy theorists seriously think John F. Kennedy Jr isn’t dead and is actually slated for a return as Donald Trump’s running mate.

They are now embracing the lyrics of a 1985 song co-written by Michael Jackson, as they await JFK Jr’s return where he will apparently face off with a slew of cannibalistic pedophiles they say are running the world.

Confused? We’d be worried if you weren’t. Read on below for an explainer on all things QAnon, from their gathering in Dallas to why that MJ song is now part of their movement.

What’s behind the QAnon theory?

JFK Jr - you know, the son of President John F. Kennedy who died 22 years ago - has long been the muse of QAnon’s theories.

The cult believes that JFK Jr’s death was fake and that he has instead been hiding all of these years since the slain president's son was killed in a 1999 plane crash.

Now they expect him to return to join Trump’s ticket as part of a 2024 run.

As for why they believe it’s real... we really wish we could give you more info other than the fact they’re known conspiracy theorists who feed of this sort of thing.

Why are they obsessed with JFK Jr and what happened in Dallas?

QAnon recently gathered in Dallas for what they anticipated would be JFK Jr. and his father’s grand return. They were ready to welcome them back with open, creepy arms and were sorely disappointed when it became clear the duo RSVP’d ‘no’ to the event.

After JFK Jr.’s failed resurgence, the massive group headed to a Rolling Stones concert, and made the stunning connection... JFK is actually Keith Richards in disguise.

How, may you ask, has the iconic guitarist managed to hide his true identity as the 35th President of the United States all these years? Well, they just look so similar!

In a video from Twitter user @RexRavita where he spoke to conspiracy theorists, he asked them about their allegiance to JFK. One of the supporters responded by explaining she believed there were 900 celebrities that had to take their death due to “Illuminati and their contract.”

As far as JFK was concerned, she added that his return is going to “reverse the spell of what the Illuminati tried to do to JFK and to bring him in the age of Aquarius.”

Why is this Michael Jackson song so important to them?

It’s all in the lyrics. As the group waited for JFK Jr.’s big return to Dallas, they began to sing, "We Are the World," a song that is co-written by Jackson and Lionel Richie. The charity single gained popularity for raising money for African people plagued by famine.

On Monday, the group gathered for the anniversary of the assassination of JFK. QAnon supporters played the song once more and it seems it just stuck.

“There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own lives,” they sang. “It’s true we’ll make a better day, just you and me.”

Hey, we get it, it’s a catchy song.

Non-believer reaction

The entire theory is honestly just so outlandish, it’s only fitting that people’s response to the madness would par up to the hysterical nature of it all.

“It’s sad & maybe a little funny when one person believes something like this,” wrote one user, adding: “A handful of people with the same misguided belief is creepy. When THIS MANY people share a delusion, it’s kind of terrifying - at least to me…”

Another tweet read, “Reminder: JFK Jr was supposed to have returned from the grave a couple of weeks ago, but didn't show up. In true QAnon style, they just forgot that ever happened and set a new date. See also: The QAnon Storm, now in its 5th year of not happening.”

“I like to laugh at these QAnon nuts as much as anyone. But for them to make a clown show today at the site where JFK was assassinated, on the anniversary of it, by blocking traffic and cheering in almost the exact spot he was shot isn’t entertaining to me,” wrote another.

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