Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren isn't exactly renowned for having the most accurate or respected opinions on matters of great importance but she still perseveres.

Previously she has 'owned' herself by asking poorly thought out questions about gun control laws in Australia and now she is weighing back into the debate on firearms following the two mass shootings in America on Sunday.

Rather than pointing the finger at the multitude of problems that exist in America that could have contributed to Sunday's tragedies (the President's racism, the NRA, weak background checks), the 26-year-old instead pointed the finger at 'youth mental health.'

According to Lahren, the US has a 'youth mental crisis' that has been caused by many different things including 'over-medication', 'absentee parents' and a 'culture that glorifies infamy and notoriety above God, family and community?'

She added that guns have been part of American culture for centuries, stating 'taking away guns does not stop sick people from doing horrific things' before issuing a rallying cry to her fellow Americans.

While Lahren's tweets might have had good intentions behind them, there has been little to suggest so far that either gunman, in El Paso or Dayton, had mental health issues.

Additionally, mental health problems are not something that is exclusive to the youth of America but the elephant in the room remains how widely available guns are in the United States.

As you can imagine many people were more than happy to share their opinions with Lahren and tell her where she had gone wrong.

Someone even used her own words against her.

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