Fox's Tomi Lahren tried to make a point about Australia's gun laws but it backfired badly

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We regret to inform you but Fox Nation host, Trump supporter and professional contrarian, Tomi Lahren, is at it again.

The 26-year-old is currently moaning on Twitter about the calls for stricter gun laws to be introduced to the United States, lashing out at Democrats who made the calls following the latest mass shooting, which left two people dead and four injured at UNC Charlotte on Tuesday.

Lahren called the Democrats 'shameless' and claimed that even if laws were introduced, they wouldn't done anything to stop the shooting and even took aim at Eric Swalwell, a California congressman and presidential candidate who has campaigned for stronger gun measures in the US.

In response, Swalwell asked Lahren a question about Australia, who in 1996 passed the National Firearms Agreement, which banned semi-automatics, self-loading rifles and shotguns following a mass shooting where 35 people died.

Swalwell simply wanted to know if Lahren knew how many shootings had happened in Australia since the law was passed, pointing out that is was fewer than the 2,031 that have happened since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 (spoiler: the answer is zero).

Lahren, didn't seem to know the answer to this question but it didn't stop her from replying to Swalwell and posting something which basically supported his statement.

What Lahren has failed to recognise here is that Australia's gun laws have stopped people from buying or owning guns, but it has made it a safer environment to be a gun owner and prevented weapons of this kind falling into the wrong hands and committing horrific crimes.

This is one in a very long line of self-owns by Lahren and people, including actress and gun control activist Alyssa Milano.

Lahren, perhaps realising that she had embarrassed herself tried to post a witty reply to Milano but just ended up reinforcing her pro-gun and anti-immigration stance.

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