Trump supporter Tomi Lahren pranked into calling president a 'jackass' in Hindi

Trump supporter Tomi Lahren pranked into calling president a 'jackass' in Hindi

The outspoken US conservative and Trump supporter Tomi Lahren has been fooled into calling the president 'a jackass' in an online video.

Using the app Cameo, which allows the public the pay celebrities to say something, Lahren compared Trump to a 'wise owl' and also used the Hindi word 'ullu,' an insult in Southern Asia which reportedly translates as 'jackass.' The 28-year-old said:

Well hello there to all my fans in India. I want to thank you for supporting the Make America Great Again agenda and the Keep America Great agenda. Trump 2020 is all about keeping America great. President Trump is wise like a owl or as you guys would say in Hindi, and I hope I'm pronouncing this right, president Trump is wise like a ullu. I hope I said that right. You guys are on the right track. Let's keep it great.

Predictably, Lahren's video has gone viral with Indian people finding it hilarious that she would actually say this without researching what the word means.

Lahren was tricked into saying this by Ali-Asghar Abedi who paid her $85 for the honour.

Writing in The Independent, Abedi explained that he had an inkling that Lahren wouldn't bother researching what the word meant, which turned out to be correct.

Lahren thought she was calling Trump wise, but ended up insulting the man whose presidency her entire career is based on. Maybe her brain was fried from taking the President's advice about ingesting bleach. Or maybe she was easily duped because she's lacking in intellectual curiosity and only offers arguments that a toddler would call reductive. Either way, waging $85 that she wouldn’t bother to research the meaning of 'ulloo' felt like a safe bet. Ultimately, Lahren got $85 (minus whatever commission Cameo takes) and India got to laugh as her clip ended up appearing across the country’s news networks.

This is hardly the first time that Lahren has embarrassed herself on social media. She was previously fooled into talking a selfie with a man who called her a 'racist' and was left red-faced when complaining about making gun laws stricter.

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