Tory councillor suspended after reportedly baking a swastika into a hot cross bun
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Tory councillor and former mayor of Portsmouth Lee Mason has been suspended from the Conservative Party for reportedly baking a swastika into a hot cross bun.

Mason admits that he baked the words 'sex' and 'fuck' into the buns and posted them to Snapchat, but claims that the swastika may have been photoshopped.

His membership to the Conservative Party has been suspended while an investigation into the leaked image takes place.

Jewish group Campaign Against Antisemitism raised concerns over the image, calling for Mason's suspension.

A spokesperson for the group said:

Whether the emblazoning of a swastika on a hot cross bun was meant as a celebration of the abominable Nazi regime or a joke, the Jewish community and local residents in Portsmouth expect better from their representatives, and the Conservative Party must investigate this councillor’s conduct immediately. We welcome his suspension pending that investigation.

Mason, who is a councillor for Cosham ward, Portsmouth, was Lord Mayor of the town between 2018 and 2019.

He told The News:

I have baked some cakes, yes, but I haven't done a Nazi symbol on any of them. And there's no Nazi symbols there. 

I'm partly bemused, partly offended that I am being got at like this. I don't know what someone's motive is behind it.

Councillors were informed of Mason's suspension from the Conservative Party by David Williams, chief executive of Portsmouth City Council.

Mason is now serving as councillor for Cosham as an independent.

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