Labour MP has perfect response to woman on Question Time who said that she was wearing a 'disco outfit'

Now that the UK has left the EU, many people had hoped that politics would return to normal it's normal boring self and we could begin talking about whether an outfit an MP wore in the Commons was appropriate or not.

Earlier this week the Labour MP for Batley & Spen, Tracy Brabin, spoke in the Commons while wearing a dress that revealed a large part of one of her shoulders, which led to her receiving online abuse for her choice of clothing.

While you would think that there probably shouldn't be a debate about what somebody was wearing in the Commons, it is, and it predictably ended up on Question Time.

On Thursday evening's edition of the show, an audience member speaking about 'Shouldergate' said that Brabin's dress "looked like a disco outfit and not like a politician."

To be honest, we'd probably prefer more 'disco outfits' in the Commons. Imagine Jacob Rees-Mogg wearing platforms.

Anyway, considering this debate doesn't look to be going anywhere fast, Brabin, who wasn't on the show decided to offer her own response to the woman's comments.

If Brabin's tweet isn't entirely obvious, allow us to explain.

Brabin announced on Thursday that the dress, that is from ASOS, would be auctioned off for charity on eBay with all the proceeds going to Girlguiding UK.

Brabin's poignant response to the criticism on Question Time has seen her earn a lot of praise.

For those interested, the bidding on Brabin's dress currently stands at £1,705 with more than six days left of auction.

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