'Do you see us? Do you hear us?': Woman stuns Question Time panel with powerful speech about black women

Question Time is the moment of the week when an audience and panel gathers to scream at each other, and lots of people sit at home screaming at the telly.

In today’s increasingly polarised times, it’s not always the most comfortable viewing. Especially seeing as more obscure and extreme characters seem to be getting invited on these days… *cough* Laurence Fox *cough*.

But a guest in this week’s audience in Stoke Newington, East London, managed to cut through the noise and stop bring about a collective silence for a precious few seconds.

The unnamed woman, who runs a domestic abuse organisation in London, gave an impassioned speech about how black women are failed by British society and the police.

Can the panel actually see me? Can you hear me?

That makes a change as a black woman. I run sister space, it’s a charity for African Carribean heritage women who are affected by abuse. We’re not visible. We’re not listened to. I don’t think anyone sees the problems that we’re having.

We talk about police, and there being more police on the street. For us that’s a problem.

The Windrush Generation have stopped reporting abuse now because they don’t want to be reported. Do you see us? Do you hear us?

People on social media reacted strongly to the speech.

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