This forest park is absolutely incredible


Imagine a park where you can meander through the treetops on winding aerial paths, relax in hammocks high about the forest floor and even bounce on a canopy level trampoline.

If this sounds enticing, you’re in luck - a bold new park design in Istanbul, Turkey, could make this vision a reality.

The architects Studio Dror will transform an existing green space located six miles out of the city centre into a playground for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Picture:Picture: DROR

Named Parkorman, the attraction will feature treetop pathways, swings, hammocks, see-through trampolines and even giant ball-pits, so you can reconnect with nature - or just unleash your inner child.

For a more reflective experience, there will also be a maze-like sculpture trail and a cube-shaped fountain which surrounds visitors in water.

Picture:Picture: DROR

The architects have designed the park around the forest, leaving every tree in place, as mandated by the city. Studio Dror describes Parkorman as “a love story between people and nature”.

The project is ongoing and no completion date has yet been given – but when it does, be sure to book your flights to Istanbul.

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