Kohenoor TV screengrab

On the 23 March Maavia Malik appeared on TV and presented the news, becoming the first transgender woman to do so in Pakistan.

Malik is the first – and only – transgender news anchor in the country, according to Kohenoor News, the private television channel that she works for.

Speaking to VOA News, Malik says that despite being a journalism degree holder, her path wasn’t easy.

In a country such as Pakistan, it is common to mock transgender people, who are expected to earn their livelihood mainly by dancing, begging or working in the sex trade.

Like other trans people, I did not get any support from my family. On my own, I did some menial jobs and continued my studies. I had always wanted to be a news anchor, and my dream came true when I got selected. 

Junaid Ansari, the owner of the station said that although there was some conflict from members of the news anchor team when she was hired, he stood by his decision.

Reactions on Twitter have been positive.

H/T VOA News

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