5 things cis people can do to be better, according to a trans activist

Ashleigh Talbot is a musician and activist with the LGBT Foundation and Action for Trans Health, who has been “out" as a trans woman for nearly six years.

Sharing her experience with coming out, she admits that most of her friends “were not even a little bit surprised”.

Six years ago, Talbot had made an appointment with her GP, who referred her to a gender clinic. Since then, she’s been on hormone therapy and laser hair removal, though she’s still “waiting for anything surgical to happen”.

Although conversations about LGBT+ rights are happening more in the public arena, there are often still problematic interactions that trans people have to endure.

Speaking to indy100, Talbot shares some things cis people can do to better communicate with and respect trans people.

Most of these are common sense stuff, but you’d be surprised how often common sense is suspended.

Basically, be kind.

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