Tristram Hunt is the new V&A director and everyone's worried they're going to start charging

Labour MP Tristram Hunt is resigning from politics and has been appointed the new director of the London V&A museum.

Entry has been free to the museum since 2001, but Hunt isn't a big fan of free entry.

In an article in 2011, he suggested the government should “Begin to think about reintroducing charges for our national museums”.

He wrote that if anywhere should have free entry, it should be small, local museums - which, faced with cuts to local authority budgets, were “Either closing... or ratcheting up charges”.

Small and local the V&A is not.

He said the country’s “global cultural icons are immune from the pressures hitting their regional colleagues”.

Naturally, people are concerned they will have to start paying for entry to the museum:

But the V&A have assured people not to worry:

And despite his previous comments, Hunt is apparently "fully committed" to keeping entry free:

People are still asking though:

Despite Hunt's article, titled, "We need to start charging for museums and galleries again," people won't have to pay a penny to visit the V&A.

That's a relief.

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