Trump thinks his 13-year-old son could have built a better website than Obamacare

Trump thinks his 13-year-old son could have built a better website than Obamacare

In his second rally in two days in Las Vegas, Donald Trump told a long and bizarre story about his son Barron, who is apparently a computer genius and could have built a better health care system website than the one built by the Obama administration.

Speaking to his adoring fans, the president took aim at Obamacare, which he believes his administration is running better than the previous presidency and how he will be making health care a big part of his election campaign.

We're now offering plans that are up to 60 per cent less expensive. We're going to make healthcare a big part of this campaign. We're protecting people with preexisting conditions, and we always will.

We're running it much better than they did. 

Remember when they had – this was the greatest – the $5 billion website. $5 billion. It was supposed to cost $5 million. I have a son at home, he's 13. He's a genius with computers.

Trump then went off on a bizarre tangent about 13-year-old Barron and how he is a genius with computers, so much so that he could have single-handedly built a website that would have taken care of the health needs of the third-largest country in the world.

Mimicking a conversation between him and his son, Trump said, in different voices:

Hi dad. What's up dad. Dad, get out of here. 

Hey, listen. I'm the President of the United States, Barron. Don't talk to your –

Dad, come on, dad. Can't you see I'm playing with my computer?

Resorting back to his normal voice, Trump continued:

The guy talks to me and he's walking with his computer. These guys are genius. You know, they grow up, it's like walking. But he's looking at me. I could have given them their healthcare site, he would have done it for nothing and it would have been better than what they have. For nothing.

While we are pretty sure that Barron is handy on a computer, we can't be 100 per cent sure that he could have built the Obamacare website but we are willing to see the evidence.

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