These kids went viral performing at a Trump rally. Now they’re backing Biden

These kids went viral performing at a Trump rally. Now they’re backing Biden

Donald Trump’s downfall since the election has been a lesson for us all and a great example of why it is so important to lose gracefully.

However, his antics in the aftermath of his loss to Joe Biden and for many, his overall behaviour for the past four years have clearly seen some of his supporters and long-term Republicans turn against him. 

One group of former supporters who have turned on Trump are the USA Freedom Kids who became a viral hit in the lead up to the 2016 Republican primaries after they performed a song and dance on stage for Trump at one of his rallies praising the real-estate tycoon.

However, things soon turned sour between the two parties after Trump’s campaign was accused of violating a verbal agreement to have the group's albums sold at rallies which never came to fruition. They claim they agreed to this in lieu of payment for their viral performance. The dispute was settled in December 2016 when Trump was president-elect.

Now in a bizarre twist of fate the group are now singing and dancing for Joe Biden and have even reportedly reworked the lyrics of their pro-Trump song ‘Freedom’s Call’ and are now using Biden’s campaign slogan ‘Build Back Better.’

On the day Biden was declared as president-elect they also tweeted a version of ‘Ding Dong the witch is dead’ from The Wizard of Oz to mock Trump’s defeat.

According to the band’s manager, Jeff Popkick, they are now hoping that Biden can restore honour and decency to the presidency and act, you know, presidential.  Speaking to Insider he said:

We're just looking forward to hopefully a more unifying president and, and thus far everything Joe Biden is saying is exactly what a president ought to be saying. Instead of having a president that fights with Americans, we need a president that fights for Americans.

Popkick added that he now thinks that Trump is “completely 100 per cent narcissistic" and that he clearly wasn’t the man they and other thought he was.

I think I was one of the first to go through that metamorphosis. So many people were fans of Trump for a lot of reasons ... and yet one by one, we started realizing he's not the guy we thought he was. I'm telling you, it was a painful process. At some point I just had to re-examine my heart, re-examine my soul.

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