Trump accused of trying to silence his niece, who is set to publish an 'explosive' book about him

Donald Trump's niece, Mary L Trump, is set to release a book next month, which appears to be seriously concerning to the president.

The book, entitled Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, has led to a court battle between Mary and the president's younger brother Robert Trump, in which he claims that the book violates a nondisclosure agreement Mary signed in 2001.

He has attempted to block the book's release, but New York judge ruled last week that the case was "fatally defective" and dismissed the family's claim.

However, it seems things won't end there because the Trump family lawyer has implied the case could be taken to the New York Supreme Court for further review.

According to publisher Simon & Schuster, the book will be:

A revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J Trump and the toxic family that made him.

Mary Trump, who is a trained clinical psychologist, will use her professional background to dissect “a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse,” including “the strange and harmful relationship between” her late father and Donald Trump, according to the publisher.

The Washington Post has today reported that now-deleted tweets from Mary say Trump's election was the "worst night of my life".

They also spoke to people in Mary's life, revealing that she was an incredibly talented student with a now thriving career – a direct contradiction of the Trump family's insinuation that she has leaned on them for financial support.

Mary and her brother have alleged that their grandfather's will was improperly changed while he had Alzheimer's disease, and that Donald Trump supported cutting off financial support to cover the medical costs of Mary's nephew, who had cerebral palsy.

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