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Trump North Carolina

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No stranger to hyperbole, former president Donald Trump has teased that he’s working on a new writing project – one which he describes as “the book of all books”.

In a statement issued to the media, the Republican claimed he had recently turned down two potential book deals from “the most unlikely of publishers”.

“I do not want to do such a deal right now. I’m writing like crazy anyway, however, and when the time comes, you’ll see the book of all books. Actually, I’ve been working on a much more important project right now,” he wrote.

Trump already has his name attributed to several books, including the 1987 book Trump: The Art of the Deal, a bestseller ghostwritten by journalist Tony Schwarz which reached the top of the New York Times’ list after its release.

Talk of a new Trump book on the horizon has been met with ridicule by Twitter users, with comments ranging from those pretending to have seen a proof copy, to those questioning the ex-president’s writing ability:

It’s not yet known what “important project” Trump is working on, but many would agree that we really don’t need any more words and rhetoric from the politician.

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