Trump just bragged that he 'aced' a cognitive test and admits doctors were 'very surprised'

Trump just bragged that he 'aced' a cognitive test and admits doctors were 'very surprised'

Trump called into Fox News host Sean Hannity’s night time program to brag about a test he had taken – which he had done surprisingly well on.

It all started when Hannity and Trump took the opportunity to talk about Joe Biden, who Trump has long mocked – particularly when it comes to his health.

Biden said recently that he was “tested” all the time, presumably talking about challenges that the world had thrown at him – but Hannity and Trump took it to mean medical or diagnostic tests.

They disagreed on whether Biden was talking about “cognitive” or “Covid” tests – although it seems evident he was talking about neither – and then Trump started to brag about a cognitive test he had taken “

Trump said:

I proved I was all there because I aced it.I aced the test and he should take the same exact test. A very standard test.

I took it at Walter Reed, a medical centre, in front of doctors, and they were very surprised.

They said, that’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did. But he should take that same test.

The Daily Beast suggested that the tests he had taken occurred during the Montreal Cognitive Assessment two years ago, although it’s possible that he has taken other cognitive tests in the years since (what they are is still indeterminate).

Voxwrote about this test at the time, saying that the assessment was meant to check for signs of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s. However, while the test has never been specifically requested by a sitting US president before, it is in widespread use among the general population.

This issue may be on his mind – he recently posted a tweet suggesting that Joe Biden take a cognitive test that he had recently taken and “aced”.

However, Trump also said that he had taken a cognitive test “very recently”, even though the last time that this test was administered to him was in 2018. But Trump has been using this as an opportunity to question the effectiveness of Biden’s campaign, saying that this was all happening while questions over Biden’s health from “the radical left” were starting to emerge.

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