Trump just referred to homeland security agency FEMA as ‘Fifa’ which is very much not the same thing

President Donald Trump managed to refer to Fema as Fifa at a press briefing on Monday, confusing the Federal Emergency Management Agency with the highest governing body of football.

Saying that his administration continues to support states across America with masks, gowns, gloves and other vital supplies, he thanked the team at Fifa on “what a job they’ve done.”

“GOOOOOAAAAAL!” people joked on Twitter.

He is going to call Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo on the next crisis,” one user said.

The homeland security agency's purpose is to coordinate the response to a disaster in the US that overwhelms the resources of local authorities. They are currently working to coordinate the movement of medical resources to hotspots across the country.

Others jokingly drew comparisons between the two, saying both organisations are corrupt likely referencing the Fifa corruption scandal.

Still, they are very much not the same thing.

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