From Obama conspiracy theories to boxing: All of the things Trump tweeted about during his strangest Twitter meltdown yet

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By now we're pretty sure that you are aware of coronavirus and the seriousness of the pandemic, which has infected more than 3 million people around the world.

However, if you have even paid the smallest amount of attention to what Donald Trump has been up to in the past few months you could be forgiven in thinking that the US president was on a different planet, at a completely different time in history and possibly in a different dimension.

His daily coronavirus task force press briefings have become a platform for spreading harmful misinformation about curing coronavirus, but Twitter remains the space when the president's most unhinged thoughts come to life.

Trump's meltdowns on Twitter are not an irregular occurrence but he might just have had his weirdest 24 hours on the site in recent history and all in the middle of a global crisis.

It all started at 6:42am...


Trump started his day with an early morning tweet quoting Pete Hegseth of Fox and Friends criticising George W Bush who was calling for non-partisan politics during the pandemic. The president also managed to include a typo in this tweet, mispelling the relatively easy word of 'by' as 'bye.'


Trump retweets a quote retweet from himself of a video featuring a man in a Trump emblazoned boat flipping off others after a complaint was made about him. Trump said: "Very cool, please thank him!"


Trump again retweeets himself, this time in a video of the border wall, which he assures us is "going up FAST".


A very regular and quite frankly boring tweet about 'fake news' and 'lamestream media' where he once again quote retweeted himself.


Trump retweets the DeAnna Lorraine, the congressional candidate who is running against Nancy Pelosi, who criticises the likes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Greta Thunberg and, err, Bill Nye while also pushing a conspiracy theory about the death of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, a former associate of Trump. The original tweet was posted on 24 April, 10 days before Trump shared it.


Trump claims that he has been receiving complaints from the state of Maine about lockdown measures and reiterates the phrase "don’t make the cure worse than the problem itself"/


Trump retweets his deputy chief of staff for communications, Dan Scavino, and promotes his "wonderful" campaign rallies and hopes that the country "will soon mend".


Trump again retweets Scavino and is seemingly astonished that someone has managed to place one of his speeches over the top of images with some mildly rousing music.


Trump retweets support from the GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, who claims that the president has the highest Gallup approval rating ever.


Inexplicably retweets a video of 54-year-old boxing icon Mike Tyson, who can clearly still throw a punch


Retweets a video that Donald Trump Jr shared on April 14, claiming that the media is attempting the hurt the president. This video is more than 4 minutes long but there were less than 2 minutes between these last two tweets. You can make your own conclusion from that.


Retweets Kellyanne Conway and claims that 'progress is being made' in the battle against coronavirus in the state of New Jersey.


Retweets an old video compilation of people claiming that Trump will not be elected president, adding 'some things never get old.'


After a short break, Trump retweets himself from the day before and shares information about the aforementioned Gallup poll, adding 'Trump beating Sleepy Joe Biden.'


Two self-retweets in a minute here as he moans about 'rigged elections.' Once again, this is in the middle of a pandemic...


A hat-trick of self-retweets here as he shares his thoughts from 1 May on NBC and CNN who are supposedly saying 'great things about China.'


More moaning about 'fake news' but at least he is winning this Gallup poll which is he so delighted about.


Retweets his own golf course in Scotland which has just been named the best course in the UK and Ireland. Too bad that it's a pandemic and no one is allowed out of their houses to play golf. Once again, 1 million people have been infected by coronavirus in this man's country and he's tweeting about golf.


This right here but be the single craziest tweet that Trump has ever posted. The plague? American rising from death and destruction? Lost souls all over the world? You OK, Donald?


Trump seemingly puts his phone down for a few hours but is brought back to Twitter to share another video of his supporters in boats, claiming he 'will never let them down.' This is like an even worse version of Waterworld.


Trump posts a rare two-tweet thread ranting about 'fake news,' intelligence on coronavirus and his China ban adding that the US citizens that were allowed back into the country were welcomed with "open arms".


Retweets Reuters story about the FDA approving a Covid-19 antibody test.


Retweets David J Harris Jr who claims that he has unfounded information that Barack Obama was the one behind the so-called "Russian hoax".


Again retweets Harris Jr who claims that Rep. Adam Schiff has withheld 'important transcripts" into Trump's alleged collusion with Russia in the 2016 election.


Another retweet for Harris Jr...


The fourth and final retweet for Harris Jr and the third within the space of a minute. Don't be shocked if this guy lands a job in the administration soon.


Quote retweets Ryan Fournier, the co-chairman of Trump Students who he thanks for calling him "the greatest president of our lifetime".


Shares an advert for his Fox News town hall which took place later that day.


Shares a propaganda campaign video painting himself as a true hero of the pandemic, while teetering dangerously close to making it look like the US is in a full-blown military war against Covid-19. At the time of writing, this is Trump's pinned tweet.


Trump's final tweet of the day was one in support of truck drivers who had held a protest in Washington DC against freight rates that have been imposed during lockdown.

In conclusion, the president posted 18 original tweets on Sunday 3 May, 2020 and nine retweets with only a handful of these actually being about coronavirus or the pandemic itself. The rest was either self-promotion, approval ratings, truckers, boaters, Mike Tyson and Jeffrey Epstein conspiracy theories.

All this during a crisis that has claimed more than 68,000 lives in the United States alone, more than any other country in the world.

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