Some things that are overrated: small plate restaurants, tapas, La La Land.

Some things that aren’t: public health infrastructure and coronavirus testing.

In a series of remarks that president Trump made on Thursday, he railed against ‘globalists’ and said that coronavirus testing ‘might be overrated’.

He also said:

We have the best tests. They came up with things that nobody even believes – we have the best testing in the world, but it could be that testing is frankly overrated.

He made these comments at a White House Event in Pennsylvania, where he also made remarks about social distancing and called the media a ‘disaster’.

This event was not a campaign rally but was meant to update people about what progress the Trump administration had made in fighting Covid-19.

He also said earlier this week that the reason there were so many confirmed cases of this coronavirus in the US was that they were testing so many people.

To clarify, the more tests that a country has the better – it also provides a way for experts to tell where outbreaks are breaking out, and how quickly infections are rising.

In South Korea, Taiwan and Wuhan, in China, testing has proved vital to reducing the spread of the virus.

Several members of his administration, such as Katie Miller, VP Mike Pence’s spokesperson, have also now tested positive for Covid-19, and Trump is apparently trying to test as many people as possible that he works closely with.

So maybe testing isn’t overrated after all.

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