Jake Paul finally makes key admission about Mike Tyson fight

Jake Paul finally makes key admission about Mike Tyson fight
Jake Paul admits being ‘a little scared’ ahead of Mike Tyson fight
BS w/ Jake Paul

Jake Paul has made a key admission about his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson, saying he is 'scared' of who he's fighting.

It comes after Tyson admitted he is 'scared to death' of the upcoming fight himself and revealed the rules for it, saying it will be an exhibition.

The former world heavyweight champion, who will be 58-years-old when the fight happens, is fighting Paul, 27, at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on July 20 and it will be the first ever live boxing broadcast on Netflix.

Speaking on the latest episode of BS w/ Jake Paul, Paul admitted he is "scared" of who he is fighting.

He said: "It's very 50/50 but to the people that don't think I'm going to win, I'm younger, faster, sharper and can hit at the same levels that he can and be able to take his punches.

"I am a little scared, because it is Mike Tyson, and when I look across the ring, I'm just going to have a 'wow' moment where I'm actually going to fight Mike Tyson.

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"It's hard work but mostly self belief - I sit there and manifest so many things and say my goals all the time and actually do the work to put into it."

There has been all sorts of speculation surrounding the rules of the fight, including rumours about protective headgear and gloves being bigger than the standard 18 oz.

Paul slammed these rumours as 'absurd' with one of the organisers confirming there will be no headguards; Tyson dismissed the speculation too.

It seems a lot of people have a say about the fight or want to be involved in some way - promoted Eddie Hearn recently blasted the fight as 'disgusting' and former UFC fighter and professional boxer Clay Collard said the only person he wants to go head-to-head with is Paul.

There are also rumours that the fight could be 'cancelled' altogether if Tyson doesn't pass a medical test which he is required to take because of his age.

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