On Tuesday, Donald Trump held a special ‘vaccine summit’ at the White House and if you are in anyway familiar with any of the president’s public speaking events in the last few months then you’ll know that this was anything but normal.

The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine began to be distributed in the United Kingdom on Tuesday with numerous people receiving the jab and Trump has already signed an executive order to obtain enough doses for those Americans who want to be vaccinated.

However, despite this good news, Trump used the event to further downplay his widely criticised response to the pandemic and to berate his successor Joe Biden. And yes, you can guarantee that he spoke about baseless conspiracy theories and false claims of election fraud.

Early into his nearly 30-minute speech, the president promoted a completely inaccurate and false claim that Operation Warp Speed, a US government operation set up to accelerate the production of the vaccine, had been instrumental in the creation of the jab.

Vice President Mike Pence has been previously pulled up on this claim from the head of Pfizer’s vaccine development who completely debunked any involvement with Operation Warp Speed. 

That didn’t stop Trump saying something completely ridiculous about the timeframe it takes to develop such a vaccine without the operation’s help.

“Before Operation Warp Speed, the typical timeframe for development and approval, as you know, could be infinity.”

Yes, the president actually said this:

Moving on, you might remember that executive order that we mentioned earlier about ordering enough doses for those that want the vaccine in the US.

Although Trump says that he is happy to share supplies with other nations who are clearly going to need it, he also states that he will only do this once all Americans have been vaccinated.

Trump then goes on to use the racist ‘China virus’ term while also championing the reduction of the mortality rate in the United States.

The president then starts taking questions from the press and is immediately asked what his advice would be to American citizens given that cases are spiking again in the country.

In response, Trump hypes up the ‘terrific’ immunity that American people have shown while also complaining about the amount of tests they are conducting, which is resulting in an overwhelming amount of cases.

Trump is then asked about the controversial parties that have recently been held in the White House which are in clear violation of safety guidelines. The president’s reasoning for these events is that they are ‘Christmas parties.'

Going back to his favourite topic of election fraud, Trump flippantly says “we’re gonna have to see who the next administration is going to be” after being asked why he hasn’t included any of Joe Biden’s team in the vaccine operation.

Trump wraps up the speech with a completely off-the-rails rant about the election being rigged and brags about the records that he has been setting over the last four years.

And that was that. Just another day in Trump World then…

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