Trump releases surreal campaign video which parodies a meat advert

Trump releases surreal campaign video which parodies a meat advert

We all know that Donald Trump can often give off the impression that he lives in his own reality but even he must know that the US election finished a long time ago.

 However, it still appears that he is in full campaign mode as he released a video on Twitter on Monday, which looked remarkably like a campaign video. To make things stranger the video would appear to be a parody of an old beef commercial. We wish we were making this up.

In the 60 second clip, the video lists the many things that Trump stands up for such as ‘American jobs’ and ‘military might.’ This isn’t anything new from the president as we are used to him sharing this kind of stuff by now but given that he lost the election to Joe Biden and now has less than a month left in the White House, you have to ask, who is he trying to impress?

It’s not clear who made this video or why Trump decided to share it on December 28, nearly two months after his election loss but one thing that is clear is that it isn’t very clear at all unless you have a great knowledge of 1990s commercials from America.

The video ends on the statement ‘He’s what’s for America’ which did leave some spectators confused.

However, people quickly noticed that this was a take on the classic US advertisement for beef (that’s the meat and not a feud) which featured the tagline ‘Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.'

Regardless of the reference, people were still confused as to why Trump shared the video and what message he was trying to convey. Does he want us to eat him?

To add to the bizarre nature of this video, there is even a shot of a superimposed Nobel peace prize medal into one shot, an accolade the president has never won.

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