Last week, the world took a sharp intake of breath when president Trump said that he wishes Ghislaine Maxwell "well".

Maxwell is currently held by the FBI on suspicion of helping disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein run a child sex trafficking ring. She denies helping Epstein recruit and groom hundreds of underage girls to be sexually assaulted. Both Maxwell and Epstein were known to associate with many rich and powerful men — including Trump. Both have been photographed with the president and former president Bill Clinton.

Trump’s comments earlier this week saying that he “wished her well were astonishing, and now anti-Trump Republican group Lincoln Project have released an ad calling him out.

The female narrator says:

This is how Donald Trump speaks to accomplished women leaders...

This introduces a selection of clips of Trump’s comments about various female journalists.

Then the narrator says:

But when it comes to Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman at the center of the international sex slavery ring run by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, this is what he has to say...

Then the clip of Trump wishing Maxwell well plays.

The narrator continues:

It’s why so many Americans are wondering, just what does Maxwell have on Donald Trump? Why does he demean other women but treat the head of an alleged sex slave ring with respect?

Does Donald Trump wants Maxwell to keep quiet? America needs to know.

Trump has previously attacked the super-PAC, which is made up of Republicans and former Republicans who oppose his agenda, on Twitter, describing them as “The Loser Project”.

And judging by this ad, there's going to be no love lost between the two.

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