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What would your parents say if you told them you were dating someone like Donald Trump?

Well, TikTok user @faithashjuran – who’s referred to as Faith in her viral video – tested it out on her supposedly Trump-supporting parents.

She started off by saying:

I’m going on a date next week. Seems like he has a really good relationship with the Lord. But yeah, I really like him – we’ve been talking for a few weeks.

Her parents seem to be supportive up until this point but then came the next statement:

He does have a few sex assault allegations though.

At this point, it looks like Faith has properly got her parents’ attention.

When Faith reasons that it’s OK because “there’s no proof” against the allegations, her parents are shocked – with her dad remarking:

You can’t do that, honey.

After revealing Faith also did a deep-dive on her potential new boyfriend’s Twitter and found a load of “racist stuff”, her dad responded:

Well why would you even consider this?

To which Faith responded:

But you’d let a man like this run the country?

And finally the penny dropped for her parents that she was referencing the POTUS.

The video made its way to Twitter:

And people were absolutely loving the video of Faith pranking her parents:

Too funny.

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