Trump has a new nickname and Stephen Colbert can't handle it

President Trump is famously a fan of dishing out nicknames, but the salacious details of his alleged affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels have earned him a rather unfortunate alias of his own: ‘Spanky’.

In a Late Show segment, comedian Stephen Colbert poked fun at the President’s famed ties to Vladimir Putin before going on to joke about his assertion that Stormy Daniels isn’t his type. Enthused, he laughed:

What? She’s a buxom blonde. She couldn’t be more his type if she was a fish filet wrapped in a 100 ruble bill.

Minutes later, footage appeared of Richard Ben-Veniste – the American lawyer famous for his role as prosecutor in the Watergate Scandal – discussing the allegations and the impact they were having on Trump’s reputation in Washington. Barely concealing a smile, he revealed:

People are referring to him here in Washington behind his back by a new nickname. He’s now known as ‘Spanky’. That’s not a good thing.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing,” chuckled Colbert as the audience laughed along.

Daniels recently gave more information about the alleged affair in a 60 Minutes interview, in which she claimed she was threatened with legal action after her story became public in January this year. The actress said she was offered $130,000 to keep quiet about her supposed sexual involvement with the President, and that she was later pressured to deny the tryst.

Despite this alleged treatment, Daniels has come under fire on social media, with many shaming her for sex work rather than focussing on details of the story.

No matter what you think of this recent political scandal, in Washington the damage has been done: it looks like ‘Spanky’ is here to stay.

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