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On June 14, the same day as Trump's birthday, the United States celebrates 'Flag Day' which marks the day that the country adopted the famous stars and stripes in 1777.

Over on the official White House Twitter account, they marked the day with a poignant image of Donald Trump with the flag.

You would presume that they'd use a patriotic image of the president with the flag proudly blowing in the wind behind him? Sadly they didn't do that.

Instead, they used the image of the president hugging the flag at the Conservative Political Action Committee's conference in March, which is maybe one of the most ridiculous images of Trump's entire presidency.

Yes, that is a real tweet from the White House.

We wish we were joking about this and judging by the reactions from Twitter, so does the majority of the internet, who criticised the inappropriate use of this image on an otherwise important day in US history.

Others used the image to reference the sexual harassment accusations that have been brought against the president.

As journalist and author Jay Bookman pointed out, the tweet and Trump's hug were in complete violation of the US flag code:

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