US embassies all over the world have decided to fly rainbow flags to celebrate Pride Month after the US embassy prohibited rainbow flags from being pulled up on the flagpoles.

According to reports from multiple publications including the Washington Post, every request to fly the flags sent to the State Department were rejected.

Three diplomats told NBC Newsthat the Trump administration is rejecting multiple requests to fly the rainbow flag on embassy flagpoles.

The US embassies in Germany, Brazil, Latvia and Israel are among those whose rejections have been denied.

Many embassies are getting around this by having the flag inside its building, or elsewhere on the embassy grounds.

In 2011 the Obama administration approved such requests, with embassies across the world submitting such a request through their chief of mission to fly the flags outside its buildings.

Last year Mike Pence altered the request process so that embassies had to apply for permission directly to the US State Department.

Needless to say, the rejected requests hasn’t stopped US embassies from throwing their support behind LGBT+ celebrations, and many are flying the flags regardless of the Trump administration.

The US Embassy in Seoul, South Korea

Unfortunately, according to the Korea Herald, the flag has since been taken down, and the reason cited is due to the Washington Post article. A rep told the publication: ‏

The removal came after a Washington Post article about some overseas US missions still flying the banner in apparent defiance of the State Department's policy to disallow it.

The US Consulate General in Chennai, India

The US Embassy in India

The US Ambassador of Nepal posted a picture of the rainbow flag as well

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