Trump's bizarre Ukraine remarks turned into hilarious songs in the style of the Ramones and The Smiths

Darren Richman
Friday 22 November 2019 09:15

Donald Trump treated reporters to a baffling set of remarks earlier in the week in an attempt somehow shift the impeachment narrative that everybody else is watching.

The President’s comments in reaction to Gordon Sondland's testimony in the ongoing impeachment inquiry were usefully penned in enormous letters using a black marker.

It didn't escape the eagle-eyes of the internet that they read more like beat poetry than diplomacy and as such, it obviously didn't take long for them to be turned into musical gold.

It has been said of The Ramones that they only had one song but who cares when it’s such a good one. Hey ho, let’s go.

There was an emo version to really hammer home the way Trump must be feeling.

The comedian Patton Oswalt inspired one Twitter hero to produce a version in the style of The Smiths and remind us all of the glory days of Morrissey.

One bright spark took a more creative approach and produced an original composition, an elixir in this era of remakes and reboots.

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