Donald Trump unexpectedly earned a new name after Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the information he gave regarding Russian involvement in the 2016 election.

Cohen's confession sent shock waves through the Trump administration with the president protesting his innocence to the press before making his way to the G20 summit in Argentina.

His former lawyer's plea agreement was published in a document by the Department of Justice where a certain someone is repeatedly referred to as 'Individual-1.'

Hmm... we wonder who that could be?

Yep, no prizes for guessing that it's almost guaranteed to be Trump, who is referred to as winning the Republican nomination ahead of the 2016 election and as attempting to secure real-estate property in Russia.

As the press and everyone else on the planet frantically read through this document, people couldn't help but make jokes about 'Individual-1' at Trump's expense.

It's probably best that the whole administration starts rebranding everything now.

Coming to Netflix soon - 'Individual-1'.

There is still a possibility that 'Individual-1' is someone else.

We think this tweet said it best.

HT Daily Dot

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