Trump's latest Instagram posts flooded with Chileans calling him a 'piss head'


The international reputation of US president Donald Trump can vary greatly depending on where you go.

The controversial president might be looked upon fondly in places like Israel, Brazil and Russia, but in other countries he’s outwardly despised.

Given Trump’s previous comments against Mexican immigrants and attempts to build a wall on the US southern border, as well as the time he reportedly called parts of Africa “shithole” countries, there’s no shortage of international beef against the president.

Though, as his latest Instagram posts show, this isn’t always from the places you’d expect.

Trump’s latest Instagram updates, one of which sees him waving to a crowd as he boards a presidential aircraft, has been flooded with comments from Chilean users.

For an unknown reason, users from the South American nation have been leaving hundreds of comments, each of which contain the words “piss head” in their native tongue.

After screengrabs went viral on Twitter, social media users gave their verdict.

It turns out that, according to one Twitter user, the trend originated because of a joke made by a Chilean comedian recently.

Glad we’ve cleared that one up.

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