Donald Trump apparently can't tell the difference between his own words and those of a fascist dictator

Could-be president of the United States, Donald J Trump hasn't got a flippin' clue what is going on on Twitter.

Shortly after likening the American border to Swiss cheese, the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination fell for one of the oldest tricks in the social media book: getting tricked into retweeting complete and utter BS.

But it wasn't your usual, 'Hey Trump! My dad loves you please RT this picture of him in his shell suit in Islington [insert image of Jeremy Corbyn here]'. It was far more meta than that.

Parody Trump account @ilduce2016 tweeted a Mussolini quote, attributing it to the real Donald:

Then, real Donald retweeted it, seemingly assuming it sounded like one of his quotes, rather than an oldie from Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

If that wasn't bizarre enough the Twitter account in question features an avatar composition of Mussolini's face and Trump's hair, reportedly set up by Gawker's Ashley Feinberg and Adam Pash under "the assumption that Trump would retweet just about anything, no matter how dubious or vile the source, as long as it sounded like praise for himself".

Claiming ownership of the feed in a recent report, the Gawker staff noted that at the time of the account’s creation, their executive editor John Cook "expressed some concern that the joke behind the account was far too obvious, and wouldn’t trick anyone but a complete idiot".

We guess he was right.

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