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'Crooked Hillary','Lyin' Ted','Crazy Nancy' and 'Rocket Man' and just a few of the nicknames that Trump has given his rivals and political opponents over the years and it's fair to say that they did catch on with his supporters.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Trump's nickname for his presidential election candidate in November will have quite the same effect. Joe Biden, who has been deemed 'Sleepy Joe' by the president has been climbing in the polls and Trump might have to do a bit more than merely insult his opponent to win the election this time.

According to Google Trends 'Sleepy Joe' is nowhere near as popular as 'Crooked Hillary' was in the months between March and November of 2016. As Axios report this could be down to several factors.

The biggest factor is likely the pandemic. The stress and economic worry that coronavirus has created around the world means that many just aren't that interested in politics right now and are unlikely to be searching about what Trump has said today or what 'Sleepy Joe' might have done.

Even things that Trump has been championing such as 'law and order' and attempting to protect Confederate statues have failed to gain any sort of significant traction on Google compared to Covid-19.

Tech firms have also started to move against the rhetoric that Trump has usually used to promote himself and spread misinformation about others. Twitter, Google and other huge tech firms have started to censor or remove posts from the president and others who attempt to spread conspiracy theories to their advantage.

In addition, 'Sleepy Joe' doesn't really mean anything, other than Biden occasionally messing up a few lines during a speech. There really isn't anything to this except unlike 'Crooked Hillary' which does have some connection to the deleted email scandal that rocked her campaign in 2016 and the fact that she was fairly unpopular with the American electorate even before the election of four years ago.

Even 'Kanye 2020' has so far proved more popular than 'Sleepy Joe' taking over the latter on Google after the outspoken rapper announced that he would be running for president on Sunday.

Whether this year's election hinges on Trump's ability to insult Biden or not remains to be seen but it might help Trump if he actually starts to campaign on policies rather than 3nicknames.

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