The Trump's are still trying to deal with the revelations from Bob Woodward's book on the president especially the reports that the POTUS deliberately tried to downplay the seriousness of coronavirus.

Trump himself said that he was trying to emulate the 'calmness' that Winston Churchill displayed during World War II but that was almost the complete opposite of what Churchill tried to evoke to the British public in that period.

Perhaps his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr could do a better job in his interview with Jesse Watters on Fox News on Saturday and he almost did a good job.

By the 42-year-olds approximation, a president should be someone who doesn't 'exert hysteria' and be 'calm under pressure' which I think we can all agree with.

However, he is trying to defend his father whose time in office has hardly been one of 'calmness' and 'lacking in hysteria', especially when there is a major crisis or when anyone even remotely criticises him.

People also pointed out that this sounded like an endorsement for Joe Biden.

You can watch Trump Jr's entire Fox News interview in the video below.

Trump held a rally in Nevada on Saturday night where there was no evidence of any Covid-19 guidelines being in place displaying that he and his supporters aren't too concerned about the deadly virus. However, it still continues to be a major problem in the United States with more than 6.5 million cases nationwide and at least 194,000 deaths.

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