Donald Trump Jr makes bizarre statement at Texas Youth Summit: ‘Predators prey on the weak’

Donald Trump Jr makes bizarre statement at Texas Youth Summit: ‘Predators prey on the weak’

If young Americans of today need inspiration to get into politics, then I don’t think Donald Trump Jr’s speech at the TexasYouth Summit will be of much use.

On its official website, the two-day event, which concludes on Saturday, says it is about “empowering youth to be catalysts to win the culture war”.

Christian Collins, founder and executive director of the summit, writes: “The mission of the Texas Youth Summit is to identify, educate, and train students to promote principles of fiscal responsibility, free market, limited government, American Exceptionalism, and the Judeo-Christian principles this country was founded upon.”

This year’s event boasts speakers such as Ted Cruz, Madison Cawthorn, commentator Candace Owens and former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany – in addition to the son of the former president, of course.

In his speech on Friday, Trump Jr said that “when you exude weakness”, what happens is that “predators attack”.

“This is science, right? This is pure biology. Predators prey on the weak,” he added.

The statement has since been ridiculed online, with many labelling the activist and businessman as “confused”:

Then there were those who replied to say that Trump Jr’s comments are most definitely not biology:

Others, meanwhile, decided to comment on his dress sense:

With Republicans constantly criticising scientists around the latest coronavirus measures, this is probably another indication that they should listen to them more.

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