8 Democrat politicians that Trump and his family have donated money to

In the United States, it is not uncommon for high profile individuals to make financial donations to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

That being said, it is always surprising to see just who some people have given money to in the past but the most alarming has to be Donald Trump and his family.

Now, you won't be surprised to learn that the current POTUS and his offspring have given plenty of money to Republicans like Rudy Giuliani , George W. Bush and Mitt Romney but wait until you see which Democrats they have given money too.

1. Kamala Harris

Yes, believe it or not, Joe Biden's running mate for the 2020 election has been the recipient of money from Donald Trump in the not so distant past. When Harris was running to become California’s attorney general she received a total of $6000, during two campaigns in 2011 and 2013, from the current POTUS.

On top of that, Ivanka Trump also reportedly gave Harris $5,000 in 2014, but as the Washington Examiner points out, both Trump and his daughter had been asked to send the money by New York’s then-attorney general Eric Schneiderman. However, a spokesperson for Harris claimed in 2015 that she decided not to keep the donations and instead gave them to a nonprofit group that advocates for Central Americans.

2. Joe Biden

If the Harris donations weren't embarrassing enough, Trump has actually given money to his presidential opponent albeit a small amount. As reported by Politico, in 2001 Trump sent Biden, who was then a senator in Delaware a gift of $1000.

3. Hillary Clinton

Yes, even Trump's most sworn of enemies, Hillary Clinton has received repeated gifts and donations from Trump and his family. Throughout the mid-2000s, Trump reportedly gave $8,700 to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation but as Ballotpedia reports, two of the donations, totaling $4,000 were refunded.

Speaking at a rally in Iowa in January 2016, Trump was asked about his donations to Clinton and quipped:

It’s interesting: I was looking at the ones I’m running against? I’ve given to Democrats. I’ve given to Hillary. I’ve given to everybody! Because that was my job. I gotta give to them. Because when I want something, I get it. When I call, they kiss my ass.

Elsewhere, his two oldest children have all given money to Clinton, with Open Secrets reporting that Donald Trump Jr gave $6,1000 and Ivanka gave $4,400 between 2006 and 2007

4. Chuck Schumer

One of the biggest beneficiaries of Trump's money has been the current senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer who has received nine donations from Trump, totalling at $8,900, between 1996 and 2010. Trump Jr ($1000), Ivanka Trump ($4,800) and Eric Trump ($1000) also gave money to Schumer in 2010.

5. Cory Booker

Booker, who had campaigned to be the Democrat's choice to be president had actually been the subject of a Park Avenue fundraiser hosted by Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner in 2013 when he was campaigning to become a senator. Trump and Kushner raised $41,000 for Booker at the event, with the pair also sending $10,400 each to the Democrat who was successful in his bid. Speaking to BuzzFeed in 2017, Booker said that he didn't regret taking money but he wouldn't do it today:

Listen, I wouldn't take a dime from them now, but this was a time when they were Democrats. I mean, they were supporting Hillary Clinton, uh, and the Kushner family were big New Jersey Democrats, and really helped to fight against Chris Christie and a lot of other folks.

6. John Kerry

Remember 2004, when John Kerry was the man that everyone was hoping would oust George W. Bush from the White House? It seems like a lifetime ago and although he wasn't successful, Trump did put some money behind the Democrat and his political career. Between 1989 and 2003, Kerry received seven donations from Trump totalling at $5,500.

7. Anthony Weiner

The disgraced Anthony Weiner, who is partly responsible for the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Amid all this, he had received $4,700 from Trump between 2007 and 2010, for congressional races as well as $150 for city council-run all of which occurred before the 2011 sexting scandal, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

8. Andrew Cuomo

At a state level, no Democrat has received more money from Trump than Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York who received a whopping $64,000 between 2001 and 2009, when he ran for governor and state attorney respectively. Cuomo was questioned on this by his Democratic primary rival Cynthia Nixon in 2018, who challenged him to return the money. Cuomo was quoted by New York Post as saying:

No, not at all. I’m going to be deeply critical of him and keep the contributions.

So there we have it. Trump might be a super-conservative these days, but if these donations are to be believed, this might not have always been the case.

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