Yesterday, thousands of people took to the streets of central London to oppose the UK state visit of president Trump.

Although reports have suggested that the number of protestors was down from last years March, there was still a significant amount of people present armed with placards and the infamous Trump baby blimp at the so-called 'Carnival of Resistance'.

However, Trump - through either ignorance or general stubbornness - refused to acknowledge the protests, labelling them as either 'small' or 'fake news', and claimed that there were thousands of people cheering him on the streets of London.

Well, we know that there definitely wasn't 'thousands of people cheering him' and there definitely was thousands of people marching against his visit.

Just to prove the latter point, here are a bunch of people who were more than happy to show the president that their protests were not fake news.

The oddness of Trump's statement was only heightened by reports that the protests were clearly audible from inside the room where he held the press conference with Theresa May.

Despite this, Trump was still as belligerent as ever and called the protests 'organised flops' during a Twitter rant on Wednesday morning.

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