There is a theory that the Queen was trying to mock Donald Trump with her tiara

There is a theory that the Queen was trying to mock Donald Trump with her tiara

Last night Donald Trump and his family were treated a state banquet courtesy of the Royal Family.

Although his terrible tuxedo attracted a lot of the headlines, the tiara that the Queen decided to wear, as well as the gift that she presented the president with, has got some people talking.

The dress code for the evening, which was attended by 170 people, was white ties for men and tiaras for women, with the Queen opting for her Burmese Ruby Tiara for the occasion.

The item was created for her majesty in 1973 by Garrard and Co, with the 96 stones being used from the Queen's own private collection. The stones originally came from a necklace that was given to her as a wedding present in 1947 by the people of Burma, now known as Myanmar.

When the Queen met Trump last year, people became convinced that she was subtly trolling the president with a brooch that she wore, which was apparently making a political statement.

Soon enough, people began doing some research into the tiara and found that the people of Burma intended it to be a symbol that would ward off signs of evil and illness - and, as you can guess, people loved it.

People are also claiming that the Queen may have been trolling Trump by giving him a rare-jewel-encrusted copy of Winston Churchill's The Second World War.

However, some people aren't quite convinced that the Queen was trying to throw shade as the Royals did throw a banquet for Trump and the tiara could be seen as a symbol of Britain's colonialist past.

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