Donald and Melania Trump under fire for secretly getting Covid jab back in January

Donald and Melania Trump under fire for secretly getting Covid jab back in January

It has been reported that both Donald and Melania Trump received that Covid-19 vaccination while they were still in office back in January.

Several outlets including the CNN and New York Times have said that a Trump adviser informed them that the first couple were given their first dose of the vaccine in January. It is unclear which of the vaccinations they were given.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it is odd that the former first couple has opted not to publicise this. Many other prominent politicians and world leaders, including the likes of Joe Biden, have publicly declared that they have received the jab in the hope that it will encourage members of the public to also get the vaccine.

The US is still recording significant numbers of Covid infections with more than 56,000 cases being recorded on 1 March, although more than 50 million people have already had the jab.

During his speech at CPAC on Sunday, Trump’s first major address since leaving the White House, the ex-president encouraged all Americans to get the vaccine, however, he buried it within a rant about Biden.

While he is for once doing the right thing about Covid, many feel that Trump should have been more transparent about receiving the vaccine given his continued popularity with his supporters and especially since he previously touted less reputable medication for the virus including bleach, while continuing to hold mass events despite the apparent dangers to everyone in attendance.

Both Donald and Melania tested positive for Covid-19 last year, with the then-president spending a brief time in hospital before he made a recovery. Although it’s good that he is now on his way to some immunity to the virus, he could have at least led by example and finally shown some true leadership qualities.

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