Trump spreads Obama conspiracy and claims he's subject to a 'witch hunt' in 'unhinged meltdown' after Supreme Court decision on tax returns

Another day, another Trump Twitter meltdown, but this one seems to be particularly bonkers.

It appears that what set him off was the Supreme Court ruling which states that New York prosecutors can indeed force him to release his financial records.

It's part of a longrunning bid to get hold of Trump's tax returns. Typically all presidential candidates would release them for public scrutiny – Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to not do so.

However, the Supreme Court didn't authorise Congress to have automatic access to the records, and pushed the case back down to lower courts, making it unlikely that his financial records would see the light of day before the November election.

While the rulings could have gone a lot worse for the president, it seems he's still furious, and fired off a series of tweets expressing his anger, referring to the case as a "political prosecution" and a "witch hunt". He added the very presidential sounding comment of "not fair!"

So far so kind of standard, but in a rare thread, he continued on, raging about the Obama administration because that's definitely relevant.

The original version of the first tween has since been deleted and replaced with a version where he manages to correctly spell the word "caught".

On he goes, offering no evidence or even clarity on his allegations, claiming that there should have been a Republican Senate Judiciary response, an FBI investigation, "JUSTICE" [caps sic] and calls the Mueller investigation a "HOAX" and then pivots to raging about his hometown of New York.

Yep, apparently the state/city (unclear which he means) is "falling apart with everyone leaving" and also "politically corrupt".

He finally circles back to his original point (he's angry at the Supreme Court) and claims that despite this "prosecutorial misconduct" he's managed to do more than "any president in history".

He finishes up with this masterful insight:

This is not the first time Trump has gone on a bizarre rant promoting unfounded conspiracy theories about his predecessor.

Back in May, in an equally absurd-sounding series of tweets, the president began shouting into the internet ether about a non-existent "scandal" which he dubbed "OBAMAGATE", claiming that the former president "used his last weeks in office to target incoming officials and sabotage the new administration".

Needless to say, there is no evidence of anything of the sort.

Shortly after his outburst, #TrumpMeltdown began trending on Twitter, and people were wondering if POTUS was feeling OK.

Others didn't really see the funny side, and were seriously concerned by this behaviour.

Meanwhile, back in "falling apart" New York, people are painting a giant Black Lives Matter mural right outside Trump Tower.

Stay tuned for when he finds out about that...

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