Trump spoke to a woman whose entire family were murdered by Isis and his response said everything

Trump spoke to a woman whose entire family were murdered by Isis and his response said everything

Donald Trump isn't exactly someone who exudes compassion and empathy but his exchange with a Nobel Peace Prize winner who had seen her entire family murdered by Isis is something else.

During a meeting at the White House with survivors of religious persecution, the president spoke to 26-year-old Nadia Murad, a survivor of the Yazidi genocide, which resulted in the death of 5,000 people in Iraq in August 2014.

Murad, who was kidnapped by Isis and held captive for three months saw her mother and six brothers murdered and placed into a mass grave during the atrocity, was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2018 for her activism and 'efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict.'

Murad who cannot return to Iraq due to continued conflict between the Iraqi and Kurdish government pleaded with the president to intervene with the situation and emotionally recounted the death of her family to Trump, who seemed completely clueless and unmoved by her struggle.

Trump, who has taken credit for wiping out Isis in the region, didn't seem to have any knowledge of the genocide, responding to Murad's story with nonplussed questions that she had basically already answered, as well as being dumbfounded as to what she had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for apart from, well...the obvious.

Trump also spoke to someone from the Rohingya people, an area of Bangladesh which has been engulfed in a refugee crisis since 2015. Astonishingly, Trump has to ask the man, who has been in a refugee camp, where Bangladesh is.

These two exchanges between people who have lived through things that Trump will probably never see or experience have gone viral, with people aghast at just how awkward and uninvolved Trump can be when faced with a subject that doesn't immediately affect him or the United States.

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