On Wednesday, Donald Trump had one of his signature meetings with the press on the lawn of the White House

The exchange, which bizarrely started with Trump saying 'no collusion' rather than 'hello' saw Trump explain to reporters how his administration had 'defeated' ISIS.

He then whipped out a before-and-after map to show how ISIS numbers have depleted since he came to office

Everything in the red was on election night in 2016. Everything in red is ISIS.

When I took over it was a mess. Now, on the bottom, that's the exact same, there is no red.Β 

In fact, there is actually a tiny spot which will be gone by tonight. This just came out 20 minutes ago.

There are two problems here. As the New York Times pointed out ISIS has not been wiped out by Trump and are still deemed to be in control of their respective area of Syria.

The second problem was that Trump hasn't learnt from his previous mistakes and held a piece of paper up on live tv, which of course became a viral meme within seconds.

Here are some of the best.

Still, at least it's not as embarrassing as the time Sean Spicer wore a green tie on live tv...

HT Someecards

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