Nancy Pelosi's daughter mocks Trump with an alternative version of the president's Rocky meme

Greg Evans
Sunday 01 December 2019 13:00
Picture:(Olivier Douliery-Pool/AFP/Twitter)

Donald Trump's weird Twitter activity reached a truly surreal peak on Wednesday when he shared a picture of his head on the body of Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

The tweet which was shared with absolutely no context is just another example of Trump using his account to literally 's**t post' memes about himself or deriding his opponents.

However, the Rocky picture had a lot of people scratching their heads. Does he really believe he has such a great figure? Or is he contemplating a boxing career once his stint in the White House is done?

Regardless it didn't make a blind bit of sense and many would have presumed that that was the end of the whole thing.

That was until Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, shared another Rocky meme on Saturday evening.

What we have here is Nancy Pelosi's head on the body of Rocky Balbao throwing a punch at Trump whose head is on the body of Ivan Drago, the Russian villain from Rocky IV.

Trump also has a tattoo of Vladimir Putin on his chest, which is a fun little touch.

Judging by Pelosi's tweet she clearly didn't make this but it's still hilarious and soon got Twitter chatting.

A little digging appears that it was a man called Dan Sloan who created the iamge in response to Trump's original post.

We salute you Dan, although we not sure if we'll ever look at Trump and Pelosi in the same way again.

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