Trump shared another Game of Thrones meme for his border wall on Twitter

Donald Trump's efforts to get his controversial border wall approved for funding has encountered numerous stumbling blocks in the past few weeks.

With the US government still shut down over who should fund the wall, Trump has been trying to find every excuse imaginable to justify its construction.

This includes going on bizarre rants at press conferences about what material the wall will be made out of, to his preferred method of communication; Twitter.

Since the start of 2019 Trump has been speculating on who will pay for the wall and why the Democrats are opposing his plans.

Yet, when the ranting fails, Trump can always rely on memes to get his message across and we're not talking any old memes here. No, these are Game of Thrones memes.

Trump had shared the image on his Instagram account two days ago but the fact that he is now sharing it on Twitter is perhaps an indication of how desperate he is becoming.

As you can imagine, the fact that the president is sharing memes of this nature hasn't gone down too well.

A few people have hit back with memes and jokes of their own.

This isn't the first time that Trump has used a Game of Thrones style meme on social media having first done so back in November.

That resulted in HBO accusing the president of 'trademark misuse,' however, fans have since been pointing out that the wall in Game of Thrones ultimately failed.

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