CNN hosts accuse Trump of hypocrisy for tweeting 'Republicans never did this to Obama'

CNN hosts accuse Trump of hypocrisy for tweeting 'Republicans never did this to Obama'

Donald Trump has lashed out at the Democrats for launching a renewed inquiry into his relationship with Russia and potential collusion in his election campaign.

This new investigation comes from Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, which led Trump to criticise Schiff on Twitter and brand the investigation 'Unlimited Presidential Harassment...'

In a follow-up tweet, Trump added 'the Republicans never did this to President Obama' and that it was a 'continuation of Witch Hunt!'

Aghast at these claims from Trump, CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo dissected the tweet live on air and really couldn't believe that Trump would say something like this.

Lemon began by asking what the Republicans would have done if Obama had the same rap sheet as Trump.

Can you imagine if as many people in the Obama administration had been caught lying to prosecutors, going to jail, lying to the FBI, so many investigations that were not divest of his business, had an affair with a pornstar and lied about the payment? What do you think the Republicans would have done?

Cuomo responded that he didn't even want to think about it because "look at what they did with none of that stuff."

Look at the amount of heat that president Obama had to take and he was scandal-free.

Lemon jokes that Obama was not scandal-free and references a rather bad suit that he once wore, admitting that he was "surprised that he wasn't impeached for that."

Cuomo comes back:

That's the hypocrisy of it and for this president, of all people, to say 'no one ever did this to Obama' you did the birther thing, the most bigoted, obvious, expressly ugly type of harassment that could be thought of, that would have never worked on any white man. And they knew and he knew it.

How are you going to scare somebody about where a white guy comes from? Where does he come from that is going to engender that kind of fear? France?!

The only thing worse than having a black guy in that situation, is a black Muslim. That would have been the only thing that worked.

I remember when I heard his full name [Barack Hussein Obama] I said 'wow! This man is truly ambitious' because he played to two of the biggest boxes of xenophobia in this country and they went after him on exactly that basis.

He survived because it was BS and why did he have to go through it and how dare this president say 'don't come after me' for these legimate questions, when he did all that illigimate stuff.

The duo then goes on to discuss the many claims that Trump made about Obama's birth certificate and citing that he wasn't born in the United States but Africa. Lemon starts:

[Trump] would say 'I have investigators over there, you won't believe what they are digging up.' Then, all of a sudden, what happened?

There is no evidence, nothing happened, you never talked about these investigations.

Cuomo adds:

If I had to bet money, he obviously didn't find anything, he don't think he had anyone. I'd love to see proof.

I tell you what, I'll give you a bunch of time on my show; if you worked for president Trump in Hawaii, as an investigator, finding credible pieces of information, fuelling this speculation, please contact me. Come on the show and we can discuss it, even though it has no business being discussed because I don't think you exist.

Lemon adds that he is shocked that people who he thought were intelligent can 'fall for stuff like this' and be 'complicit'.

Cuomo chimes in again, explaining why he has to fact check Trump so regularly.

When the President of the United States says something, declaratively, people are going to believe it.  I think he has certainly eroded the integrity and the trust of the position but it's still going to have reach.

This is why we spend so much time checking this. How often do people say to you 'I don't understand why you go after this stuff for them. Why don't you just ignore it?' 

I can't ignore it, when it goes out there, it goes to root. They say it and people believe it so we have to check it and we have to do it now more than I've ever had to do it in politics.


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