Trump once told Tom Brady he wouldn't be able to 'win' daughter Ivanka, report says

Tom Brady, NFL star and MAGA hat wearer, won his sixth Super Bowl on Sunday when the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams.

Yet, while he is one of the most successful American football stars of all-time and arguably the greatest quarterback ever, Donald Trump is sure that Brady will be unable to win one thing - his daughter, Ivanka.

Errm... OK.

Brady is well known for his support of Trump and imitating Melania, so this may or may not have been devastating news to Brady, who has been married since 2009, the same year that Ivanka married Jared Kushner.

This actual interaction reportedly took place during the heated 2016 presidential campaign when Trump took time out to call Brady, who is allegedly one of his favourite athletes.

Trump's statement was recounted by Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign adviser, on the Omnishambles podcast, a production from The Daily Beast.

Trump called Brady between events after being reminded by his former chief press handler Hope Hicks that it was his birthday, but only got through to the NFL superstar's voicemail.

This didn't stop Trump, who still left what Miller described as a light-hearted message (about who his daughter chose to marry).

The first 30 seconds were pretty conventional.

'Hey Tom, this is Donald. You're the greatest of all-time. They are saying that you might play into your 40s. I'm not sure if that's accurate. I think you could play until you're 50. You are the greatest of all-time'.

I think at that point he had four [Superbowl winner] rings but hadn't won these last two but he's going through and giving this story and again it's a voicemail that he's leaving for him.

So, ‘You’re the greatest of all time, you’re the best, I hope you’re having a great birthday, you’re such a great person. There was only one thing you weren’t able to do.’ And he kind of pauses.

At this point I'm just looking at my phone but my ears perk up and I'm like 'wait, what's this.' And he’s like, ‘Ivanka chose Jared. That’s the only thing that you weren’t able to win at.’

Tom, you’re great. Don’t get me wrong, Tom, you ended up doing okay. Obviously, he starts laughing at this point. Like, he’s being very funny.

Miller added that he wasn't sure if Brady had ever called Trump back or if Ivanka had even heard the story.

It has been previously reported that Trump thinks highly of Brady, with The New York Times reporting in July, 2018 that Trump would joke that he 'could have had Tom Brady as a son-in-law' but got Jared Kushner 'instead'.

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