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There is nothing that Trump and his supporters enjoy more than 'owning the libs' and they will literally go to no ends in order to achieve their dreams.

This includes contributing to the planet's plastic problem because Trump's team doesn't like the fact that paper straws are now a thing and plastic straws are slowly being phased out.

On the merchandise section of Trump's official website, supporters can now purchase a pack of 10 red plastic straws with the word 'Trump' printed on it for the pricey sum of $15.

Yup, that's right, that's $1.50 per straw. Or, if you're from the Uk, £1.20. Which, we're going to ahead and point out is more than the recommended retail price of a can of coca cola.

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The description of the product reads as follows.

Liberal paper straws don’t work. STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP and buy your pack of recyclable straws today.

What a time to be alive.

To be fair to the Trump administration the product is apparently BPA free, reusable and recyclable and is lazer engraved, AND all manufactured within the good ol' US-of-A because who would want to drink their juice through a foreign straw?

It remains to be seen if Trump's plastic straws become a financial hit for the president but we know at least one person that will be happy.

Recycling straws can often be a tricky procedure, as due to their small size and shape they often slip from the conveyor belts within recycling plants where they're cast aside, according to WIRED. In 2017 it was estimated by one environmental group that straws and stirrers were the seventh-most collected waste on beaches globally.

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