This cartoon perfectly sums up every day of Trump's presidency


During Trump's presidency, and even before, there have been a lot of political cartoons making fun of him.

Just recently, actor and artist Jim Carrey posted a Moby Dick-inspired cartoon of the US president captioned, "Like Captain Ahab, obsessed by a white whale of earthly dominance, Trump beckons all those who enable his madness to their doom. Will we awaken to the truth or ignore our own senses and blindly follow a maniac into the abyss? Me? “They call me Ishmael!”

Yesterday, one Twitter user posted a cartoon entitled "The 24 Hour News Cycle". The cartoon portrayed a normal day in Trump's life: tweeting, getting upset, talking about fake news, getting in disagreements about whether or not the earth is round, etc.

It shows Trump in bed questioning how he could distract people from the impeachment process. He decides to tweet out that the earth is flat, sending his entire day revolving around that one tweet.

While the cartoon isn't far off, it does fail to mention his diet throughout the day, which apparently includes an impressive 12 cans of diet coke and a lot of McDonald's.

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